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Usually I have no excuse for my lack of posts, but the last few days I've been forced into silence. My computer went on strike and I spent the last two evenings trying to convince it to stop navel gazing and start doing something again. It's not a good thing when your virus definition file happens to land on a bad disk sector. Everything moved very slowly while the demented antivirus program wandered around wondering where it left its keys. They were in the freezer and the mail was in the oven. Last night was spent waiting for the excrutiatingly slow scandisk, then virus uninstall, then reinstall.

Before coming up with that bright idea I was busy trying all kinds of other things. I took the case apart and cleaned all the fans and arranged things so the hard drive has a lot more air around it. I finally took the time to locate and remove all the helpful Adobe and Quickbooks update programs that load on boot by default. Abode is one small step above malware, or perhaps below. I deleted a bunch of programs I don't use, just on principle.

A new drive is on order because this was a good scare and I'm not going to take a chance on a drive that's shedding sectors. Tomorrow I may be offline again while I reinstall the world. But in the meantime I'm going to try to spam your flist with entries. Time to get caught up.
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At least part of it is a chaos of my own creation now. I've been building and rebuilding things all weekend. Friday I started building my new computer, just as I was finishing up [livejournal.com profile] derien's. But in order to actually make my new Windoze box, I had to take a drive that I'd designated for that purpose from the FreeBSD box that serves as my workstation and our music and other things server. Alas, it wasn't just a data drive, but the root partition and all kinds of other things. So I spent the weekend trying to make sure I had everything saved in various places, installing operating systems, and generally being computerless.

I was also staining and applying polyeurethane to the pieces of oak that will be my keyboard tray and the top of my new desk. Now I've got one more layer of poly to go on most of the parts and I can start assembling them. While I was waiting for all that, I also worked on the van (one blown fuse, one loose seat, carpets vacuumed). I also worked on getting the parts of the house I wasn't making into a disaster to look less like a disaster, mixed luck there.

Boring! Oh, we got huge, huge, huge mutant looking bean things from the pole beans in the garden. I mean these are the beans that ate New York kind of beans. Impressive that any plant can grow that fast. We are also getting more peppers from our happy little pepper plants (one of which is waist high now) and harvested more carrots.
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"The middle of the road is trying to find me,
I'm standing in the middle of my life,
with my pants behind me."

So I was really distracted this afternoon by setting up [livejournal.com profile] derien's new PC. This is the first PC made of all new parts she's had in years. Like 15! So I'm totally distracted by making it right, because I'm anal retentive as hell. Wire ties, I have a thing for them.

Anyway, it's ungodly hot and humid, so at some point I think "something cold to drink would be good." Ten minutes or so later I remember the thought and append to it, I could have a rum and coke. I get as far as filling the glass with ice and get distracted by the need to look at RAM heat sinks on the Internet. After who knows how long, I remember the concept of beverage. I bop out to the kitchen, grab a coke and start pouring it over the ice. Oh, yeah, I was going to put some rum in that, something I usually do first so it get mixed in well with all the bubbly goodness. No worries, I'll add it now that the glass is halfway full, while thinking of other things. (Here it is kids, mistake number one.) Pour, pour, pour. Oh, wait, this is not coke I'm glug, glug, glugging into the glass! Oh, ****! That looks as transparent as a drink you'd get at a dive bar. (Here is mistake number two. Don't try this at home kids!) I'm not going to waste that much coke. Well, maybe if I drink it down a ways, I can add the rest of the can of coke. Oh, wow, that is strong. Maybe not. Maybe if I get another glass and pour half in that and fill the rest up with coke. Oh, wow, I'm glad I'm not going anywhere this century.

It's a good thing it doesn't take a license to drive a mouse or a brain to install Windows 7. Only 37 updates to install, woot!
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Tuesday evening I decided to install a minor bit of software on my machine, but found out it needed another bit of software upgraded. I was sleepy and not really playing attention and well, it didn't go well. By the end of the evening I had a distinct lack of x-windows. I was gnomeless and adrift.

I ended up upgrading my system and completely reinstalling X, gnome, and various applications. No data lost and I got a nice updated system out of it, but I didn't do anything else on the computer for most of the week. Last night everything was back to normal but I was unable to write due to a raging headache.
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The goal with this machine was originally to make a machine as power efficient as reasonably possible, do some shuffling, and retire a 7 year old machine. After a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] derien, we may retire two machines after all the moving around is done.

the ugly details )
The components fit together quite well considering the calculated risks I took. I had to take some plastic off the large fan on the side of the case so that it would clear the CPU cooling tower, but the dremel tool handled that easily. I also had to hack together a longer USB cable to run from my multi-card reader to the USB headers, but that was minor.

Other than the onboard video for X giving a lower than ideal resolution, everything works with FreeBSD-stable.

With all the other PCs off, no music playing, and the fridge compressor off, you can just hear the machine at idle. I haven't run any stress tests on it, but for what I use it for most of the time it will be virtually silent.
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The power supply fan in my primary computer started making noise a couple of weeks ago. This got me looking for new power supplies. Which got me started looking again at lower power consumption PC components. I'm a geek, I love to read about computer components.

cut for length and your potential boredom )
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computer story )
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Yesterday I spent 16 hours working on my computer )
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We'll start with the ugly and work our way up: I spent 7 hours trying to rebuild someone else's PC last night. (long and boring cut) )

For the bad: I'm now reformatting the bloody thing and putting win 2K on it. *cringe* Bless me father, for I -have- sinned.

And the good: The fact that I could sit and work on something for seven hours at a stretch without hardly moving shows I'm back to my old self. Yesterday I also did things like housework, loaded more ebooks on the readers, and caught up on emails. In short, I did more yesterday than in the whole month of November.

But where did my long weekend go?


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