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OkCupid just sent me an email saying that their extensive tracking and analysis have figured out that I am more attractive than 50% of their users. I am now in the "attractive" class, will be viewed by more people, and get more attractive matches sent to me.

My thoughts on this, more or less in order are as follows:

1. Wow, they need better programmers to write their analysis stuff. Maybe I can get a job.
2. Wow, they must have an incredible collection of butt ugly people. If I cared all that much about looks, I might have to leave for a place with prettier people. I bet every member of the Pogues is on OKcupid.
3. Does this mean I'm going to end up getting more matches from females who are so totally out of my league they groan from the pitcher's mound when I sit down in the bleacher seats?
4. How many of my click throughs happened after bar close? (the analysis was partially based on picture click throughs)
5. WOO, I made the 51st percentile. Not.

Maybe I can stop hanging out in front of the school for the blind now.

After a very hard week, this was a good laugh.
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Perhaps my favorite real estate listing of all time. It's a cottage!
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Marketplace, the financial news program I like to listen to, plays different selections of music based on the stories and the day between their stories. Today between a story about events in the banking industry (bailout, further losses, possible further bank defaults) and the roundup of the days numbers they played a bit from Black 47's "Livin' in America". You know, the song with the lyric, "mammy dear, we're all mad over here, livin' in America." I like to think the fact it's St. Patrick's day didn't have much weight in the selection, but rather what the song is about.


Nov. 15th, 2007 08:13 pm
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One of the headlines on CNN.com reads "Seeing America on the back of a horse". Is that one big assed, tough assed horse, or does it just have a strange pattern of coloration?

The article behind the link is titled "Seeing America from the back of a horse".
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Okay people, I'm sure it's happened to you. Show some sympathy and post your suggestions for getting through that rough part when the man you love walks out of your life. I offer my humble bits of insight, but those of you who read these words can offer your own suggestions as well.


I know it's hard when the one who's been with you, supported you, gave you guidance, the only one you truly love packs their bags and walks away. Here are my suggestions to help you get through the coming days, so you're not just roving around the house and staring at the office walls.

First, if you're going to break down, you don't want to do it in public. Maybe spend a few weeks in the quiet comfort of family and friends. Find a quiet spot where you can get your head together and deal with the early stages of your loss.

Exercise: A bit of aerobic activity will take your mind of your troubles, give you a cheap runners high, and you keep you buff for when you go out to the bars looking for Dick. So, hop on the mountain bike and try not to hit anybody.

Change your routine: Break out of the old grind that reminds you so much of him. You don't want to run into him while you're out so go somewhere you've never been together. Maybe Nancy's house, he'd never show up there.

Make new friends: I know it's tough being alone after so long together. Start slowly by making new friends. You don't have to start officially seeing someone right away, maybe just have lunch with a few people. I understand Hugo is having some friends over, maybe drop in and meet some people you've never talked to before.

Whatever you do, don't be the complete loser who follows his beloved around pretending to run into him accidentally. I know you've hung on every word the man ever said, but he dumped you. It's time to move on.


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