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The other day I posted a link to the Internet Arcade, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of neat free stuff.

On the same site, Archive.Org, they have free audio. There collection is a mixed bag, with news shows, interviews, professional music and amateur music. You can browse the catalog, but that can be a wade through a lot of stuff you're not interested in. They also have a search, which I've had some luck with if I'm in the mood for something in particular.

What has stuck me is the incredible quality of some of the live recordings. They have live music that is better than most Cd's out there.

They also have some weird shit on there. I just found some 8-bit Apple II robo-punk. And banjo punk. Nuff said.
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This week I've been trying to finish at least one thing on the great "to do" list each evening after work. It's gone pretty well. But by last night I was pretty tired and didn't quite have the pep I might have had.

Today we went on a grand shopping trip and I got the parts necessary to finish off another project. I replaced the drain in the kitchen sink, eliminating one leak. Then I replace the faucet, which was the other leak. That had been needing to be done for so long it wasn't even on my list anymore. I'm psyched to have that finished off, but it took a lot of time. I had a lot of other things that I wanted to today.

While I was curled up in the sink cabinet, [livejournal.com profile] derien made a very yummy beef stew.

I also got the parts for the next project: lighting for the stairs from the deck to the parking lot. That's another thing that's been hanging out undone forever. Today we managed to figure out just what lights should be used and got all the parts. Tonight we went out with a sample light and the power supply in a bucket to test placement. After much discussion we have settled on a plan. I'll have to go out and play in the wet and cold to get the lights and transformer installed.

Last night I stumbled across Macyn Taylor's fingerstyle guitar on Youtube. Watch out Mark Knofler, she's got a lot more years to perfect her art. I'm amazed by the vocal on Long Monday and Hallelujah. All for Me Grog reminds me of the Faire.

OMG! This link is pure gold: The Cantaria folk song archive
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I've been very busy this week, but have managed to absolutely geek out a couple of times. As I occasionally do, I got to thinking about a geeky project this week. It was something to do while I was failing to fall asleep but unable to stay awake. Anyway, my project is genealogical in nature and deals with dates of various flavors. While doing some searching for date algorithms I found a page on Doomsday calculations. It's not about the end of the world, but it's neat number games with days of the week. I heart John Horton Conway.

I then did some further searching and found the Julian Day Number calculations. This was exactly the thing I was looking for and in my opinion an elegant solution to the whole timekeeping problem in general.

Let me tell ya, I was geeking out hardcore. I sounded like Beaker on speed.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:50 pm
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I'm not sure what I like most about this site, but I wanna make my own sword.


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