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So Walmart is getting all kinds of press because they've announced they will give 40% of their workers a raise.

By Feb 2016.

The average full time worker will be getting a 1.17% raise. For the last calendar year, the inflation rate in the US has been .8%. When you figure in the inflation rate in 2016, by the time those workers actual get their raises they won't even be keeping up with inflation. Thank you, oh so much.

The average part time worker will fair much better getting a 5.5% raise. They may actually see their wages go up in comparison to their cost of living. Of course, those part time workers at $10/hr won't come anywhere near making it to poverty line, even if they managed to work 40 hours per week, which being part time they never will.

Let's not pretend this is a great day for workers.
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Picked up a study the effect of online feedback from O'Reilly.com today (that's O'Reilly Books, Tim O'Reilly's place, not Bill O'Reilly).

The subset is news sites, so the behavior may be significantly skewed by tribalism that may not be as bad in other communities.

I do find it interesting that negative feedback has an effect (although perhaps not the desired effect), but positive feedback doesn't seem to change behavior much at all. My off the hip explanation is that people who post to news sites and get a negative response start frothing at the mouth and spewing pure vitriol after the 1st negative feedback. But it certainly goes with my rule: "Don't argue with people on the Internet."
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The other day I made a joke about cheese smuggling (which Jasper Fforde uses as a side story in the Thursday Next books).

Then on the way home the next day I heard about this. Now it is a little disappointing that they were smuggling mozz. It could have at least been unpasteurized Stilton. But then again, the source was America, they're lucky it wasn't Velveeta.
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Today is being touted as "Bank Transfer Day" or "Move Your Money Day" in the US. The name is overly simple for most people in America. The process of moving accounts is multi-step (open new accounts, wait for new debit card to arrive, test debit card, change direct deposits, confirm change took, change automatic bill payments, confirm those took) which will take a month or more. However, today could be the beginning of the process.

Credit Unions, investor owned institutions with members not victims customers, have seen more new accounts opened in the last month than in all of 2010. Local banks are seeing an increase in account openings as well. Did you realize, in the US there are two types of banks: state and federal? State chartered banks are subject to state regulation and generally can't open branches in other states. This generally keeps them from being merged into the giant banks.

I will not be participating in Bank transfer Day because I can't. I completed the process long ago in response to the policies of large financial institutions. My accounts are now in a small local bank and a credit union.

But those of you who have money in a large institution that is too big to fail, please consider taking the time to make that large institution small enough to fail.
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Via CNN, I found this headline on a Fortune article: Can Bernake keep the stock bubble afloat?

Hello! It's supposed to be a secret that the chairman of the Fed is intentionally causing assets to be inflated beyond their underlying value? It doesn't work if the marks know there isn't a pea under one of the shells. What we have is no jobs, housing values in freefall, Americans contracting their debt spending in ways not heard of since boomers learned the word "Me". Ignore all that and just pay attention to the stimulus. We can party like it's 2007.
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*reads headline on CNN*

"Oprah gushes over Kate Winslet's breasts"

Please pass the brain bleach.
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I recently read about a study that showed men who leave their cell phones on and put them in their pants pockets kill their sperm by doing so. Yay! Kill off this generation with brain cancers and keep the next from being born, what a perfect plan! It's almost enough to make me believe in Intelligent (Cellphone) Design.
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It was somewhere around a year and a half ago that I got pissed at big banks and divested myself of as many bank stocks as possible.

I understand that gloating might be in bad taste, so I hope you'll pardon me while I dance like [livejournal.com profile] daegaer's dancing girl icon on the fresh grave of the second of the big four mega investment banks to fail.

weird news

Apr. 11th, 2008 04:08 pm
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I know parking is bad in Portland, but really!

I knew something big was up because I had to detour around 4 blocks to get to work this morning. Glad we aren't still parking on Sherman St.


Nov. 15th, 2007 08:13 pm
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One of the headlines on CNN.com reads "Seeing America on the back of a horse". Is that one big assed, tough assed horse, or does it just have a strange pattern of coloration?

The article behind the link is titled "Seeing America from the back of a horse".
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"At least I'll screw City Bank." - Adam Brodsky "I'm Gonna Cut My Head Off Blues"

Yep, all parts easily available at your nearest Home Depot or Lowes.
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I want to see changes in American society, but I don't want to see them at the cost of millions of lives. This can't be good.

What's the point in working for retirement, in another five years our taxes are going to be 50% of income or more to support a war on at least three fronts and the medical needs of thousands of veterans and millions of retiring baby boomers. This nation is so fucked there aren't words to express it.

"Eat drink, and be merry..."
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Bless this couple with a long and happy marriage.
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I read the headline "Radiation threat from Florida blast low, official says" on CNN.com. What is the first thing I thought of? The manatees who like to hang out next to the nuclear plant at Crystal River and enjoy the warm water it puts out. (I must admit it was partly because I was thinking of making a manatee icon today)

But it wasn't Crystal River, it was just some humans in some factory.
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Michelle Kwan is headed for her third Olympics! Michelle is one of my favorite skaters and I'm glad she's been able to come this far. She has continued to skate difficult pieces long after those whose hype overshadowed her talent moved off to the "don't ask me to do a triple" circuit. Go out and show those 16 year olds how it's done Michelle.

Speaking of skating, our Imperial Leader is trying to skate away from Abramoff as fast as he can. Too bad you can't claim to have never met when there are photos of you together. I'm hoping the warm January weather has softened the ice in the Potomac.


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