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Un-named country: Send troops into a neighbor, steadfastly denying they have any troops there.
Rest of world: Sits around for weeks and then says, "Oh, you shouldn't do that."
Un-named country: Negotiates a cease fire after securing a good amount of territory.
Rest of world: Sits around relieved that we have a cease fire. Everything is better now.
Un-named country: Moves more troops into to its newly acquired territory. Makes sure cease fire disintegrates. Moves troops into more territory.
Rest of world: Sits around for weeks and then says, "Oh, you really shouldn't do that."
Un-named country: Negotiates a cease fire after securing a good amount more territory, knowing that in round three they'll be able to secure a nice solid land corridor before winter.

That's the point here, secure the land corridor without much fuss and muss, before winter. Why? The last bit of land that was successfully annexed is going to be a helluva costly bit to supply and not provide a whole lot of benefit otherwise. It's easy to accomplish if you can take a break to bring up supplies and reinforcements along the way.

NATO you don't have to send troops. You don't have to send offensive weapons. Send warm clothing, flak jackets, and short range anti-tank missiles. They won't be of any use to anyone shooting down airliners or invading other countries, but they sure as hell will make an armor column think twice about advancing. Hell, for cover you could even sell it at the nice price of $1 per.
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Comcast is giving large donations to a politician, yawn. No it's not that I like this kind of thing. I just assume that the corporate citizens who have more rights than the natural citizens are doing this all the time.
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The US just launched another aircraft carrier, the latest and greatest in the fleet. Since we've got a new one on line, perhaps it's time to look at our overall capabilities. The US tends to have the most advanced arms, but even so, policing activities all over the world require a fair amount of resources. So I suggest we use twice what any other country in the world has as the gauge for our equipment levels.

In order to get to twice the number of assets, we'll have to make some changes. Let me spell it out for my fellow Americans:

Minus 2,000 attack helicopters
Minus 7 full size aircraft carriers (that still gives us triple what any other country has)
Minus 3 amphibious assault carriers
Minus 20 attack subs
Minus 10 cruisers
Minus 8 destroyers
Minus 500 fighter planes

Just to be extremely safe, lets mothball half that number and only scrap the other half.

With the money we save on keeping all this hardware active and manned we can do things like: take care of our veterans, buy the nuclear stockpiles of other countries. We hear that budget cuts are reducing the training hours for our armed forces. Let's make sure they get all the training hours they need. To do that, let's eliminate all the assets we don't need and keep what we do need at top training and performance. I'm sure we'll still be able to reduce expenditures, which will increase the financial health of the country and do more for our true strength than any amount of military spending.
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This is a letter I wrote to the Maine's contingent in the senate about the recent vote on the first part of the President's job creation plan. A little more background is here, if you're not familiar with it.

text of letter )
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"And if one man can stand tall,
there must be some hope for us all.
Somewhere, somewhere in the Spirit of Man."

Consumerism, bigotry, war mongering, and stupidity didn't all vanish overnight. My logical mind doesn't think for a moment that they will fade like a nightmare. But the other part of my mind dreams the sleeping bear of my countrymen's conscience might be awakened from its long hibernation. A couple hundred million people with an incredible amount of wealth could accomplish a lot, even if one man standing alone can't accomplish anything.

"Take all your overgrown infants away,
and build them a home, a little place of their own.
The Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings." - R. Waters

A guy I worked with commented that the shredders must be just humming at the White House and they must be having a fire pit going every night out back.
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So, the current governor of Alaska and vice presidential hopeful has been using private email accounts to avoid public disclosure laws. Isn't that page one of the Rove/Bush/Cheney playbook? Could McCain have possibly picked someone more inappropriate to "change"? Wow, just wow. Who was it that vetted her for McCain's campaign? Is that person now assigned to testing water temperatures, sans clothing, at McMurdo Station? I hope so.

Yes, someone stole the password to her yahoo account through some basic clever guessing. But I'm not marvelling at her stupidity in using a throw away service while in a position of such visibility. I'm just amazed that McCain would pick someone as utterly dangerous as Palin. Think about it: someone with Bush's audacity, precedent already on her side, young enough to have a dynasty for many years, and, of course, smarter than Bush (many rocks qualify for this). If you add a little bit of viciousness, you've got reason to be very concerned. So should McCain.
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I recently heard a US senator quote the cost of the occupation of Iraq at $10 billion per week. I don't for a minute think the Iraqi people are getting $10 billion worth of service each week. I think large companies are getting the goldmine and they are getting the shaft.

It's guns versus butter time. Let's put some things in perspective.  )
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Okay people, I'm sure it's happened to you. Show some sympathy and post your suggestions for getting through that rough part when the man you love walks out of your life. I offer my humble bits of insight, but those of you who read these words can offer your own suggestions as well.


I know it's hard when the one who's been with you, supported you, gave you guidance, the only one you truly love packs their bags and walks away. Here are my suggestions to help you get through the coming days, so you're not just roving around the house and staring at the office walls.

First, if you're going to break down, you don't want to do it in public. Maybe spend a few weeks in the quiet comfort of family and friends. Find a quiet spot where you can get your head together and deal with the early stages of your loss.

Exercise: A bit of aerobic activity will take your mind of your troubles, give you a cheap runners high, and you keep you buff for when you go out to the bars looking for Dick. So, hop on the mountain bike and try not to hit anybody.

Change your routine: Break out of the old grind that reminds you so much of him. You don't want to run into him while you're out so go somewhere you've never been together. Maybe Nancy's house, he'd never show up there.

Make new friends: I know it's tough being alone after so long together. Start slowly by making new friends. You don't have to start officially seeing someone right away, maybe just have lunch with a few people. I understand Hugo is having some friends over, maybe drop in and meet some people you've never talked to before.

Whatever you do, don't be the complete loser who follows his beloved around pretending to run into him accidentally. I know you've hung on every word the man ever said, but he dumped you. It's time to move on.
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According to the news sites, Scooter Libby is scooting out of prison. The Prez avoids the "P" word by commuting the sentence. Anyone with a brain can see through this, lucky for the administration the majority of US citizens can't find two braincells to rub together.

Bush and Putin should get along splendidly, neither one gives a rat's ass about the rule of law and both are doing their dead level best to root out all forms of democracy within their country. Perhaps this weekend they were swapping tips.

Well, law and order Republicans, what do you have to say about this?
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I want to see changes in American society, but I don't want to see them at the cost of millions of lives. This can't be good.

What's the point in working for retirement, in another five years our taxes are going to be 50% of income or more to support a war on at least three fronts and the medical needs of thousands of veterans and millions of retiring baby boomers. This nation is so fucked there aren't words to express it.

"Eat drink, and be merry..."
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Over the last two weeks the US car companies have been announcing initiatives involving "green" cars. This replaces last year's announcements about hydrogen fueled cars under development.

I just read that a highlight of the State of the Union is a call for "us" to reduce our gasoline consumption by 20%.

This isn't a orchestrated approach, I'm sure it's just coincidental.

Let's put it on the American consumers to reduce energy consumption and pollution, since they have the strength of will of a noodle that's been in the pot for four hours. That way we can do nothing for another two years, industry can continue to pollute to its heart's content, and we can blame everything on the suckers who buy everything we sell.

Mathilda, whenever you're ready.
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Time named "You" the Man of the Year. I experienced the inevitable eye roll here (cue [livejournal.com profile] lemondropgirl's icon, love that icon). But it plays right into something I was thinking the other day:

If I were a tyrant and wanted to enforce my state sanctioned thought and to the exclusion of all others, I would find the current growth in public data sharing an invaluable tool. "Wait," you say, "it's the other way round, free dispersal of information and all that." Let's face it, what I write in my blog isn't going to change federal policy, nationwide plot, or global economics. If you believe it is, please for your own sake don't answer any emails from Nigeria.

But as tyrant I love this information thing. I can very quickly and easily retrieve mass data on all kinds of people that would have taken years of investigation and data gathering previously. Oh, you rented that movie about gay cowboys from Netflix. You bought that book from Amazon that I'm planning on rounding up and burning. Look at how you answered the survey questions on that dating site, you'll never get a job now.

I take comfort in the fact that the powers that be are too busy chasing vast amounts of money to focus on that kind of tyrannical power. In most cases the stupidity of mankind is not a comfort, but in this case it's the only thread we hold on by.
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Opium production is up. Sorry, we're too busy making wars in other places to pay attention to you. I know we said we'd stand by you, see things through, and make it alright. But that was yesterday and you're so last week.
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In Maine, when a lawyer gives us an answer we don't like, we prefer rock salt.
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Michelle Kwan is headed for her third Olympics! Michelle is one of my favorite skaters and I'm glad she's been able to come this far. She has continued to skate difficult pieces long after those whose hype overshadowed her talent moved off to the "don't ask me to do a triple" circuit. Go out and show those 16 year olds how it's done Michelle.

Speaking of skating, our Imperial Leader is trying to skate away from Abramoff as fast as he can. Too bad you can't claim to have never met when there are photos of you together. I'm hoping the warm January weather has softened the ice in the Potomac.
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I took a quick dip into political history and read the Communist Manifesto. The first bit was the most interesting. It shows good insight into historical trends, the growth of markets, the shifting of political and economic power and the beginnings of globalism. They couldn't have envisioned how far these trends would go. If they had that kind of foresight they'd have put Nostradamus out of business. But they were very good at putting the historical pieces together and coming up with important aspects, so important in fact that they've continued through today.

Much of the remainder of the work suffers from poor logic. This could be because the authors were trying to reduce down long involved theories into paragraphs or they could be old fashioned logical errors. Either way, the chain of cause and effect that leads from point to point often has large links missing.

The other thing that is largely missing from this work is how things are going to work once the great revolution is accomplished. Again, that may be left for other works, this is a brief, not a book. But if you're writing a "this is who we are, this is what we're about" you probably want to include at least a bit of the "this is where we are going."

Oh, if John Hancock and company had written like Marx and Engels I'd probably be writing to my MP about the taxes on tea.

5. Marx & Engels "The Manifesto of the Communist Party"
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After a protracted battle, Mainers are now somewhat protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Woot!
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politics )
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Oh, great.

"Lay down your burdens, lay down your cares.
The Holy Virgin, she's gonna greet you up there,
with a big can of spray paint, and a big blank wall
and I can guarandamntee ya,
there ain't no cops around at all." -- Michelle Shocked "Graffiti Limbo"


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