Jul. 13th, 2013 08:38 am
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I just got a spam from Maggie Simpson. I guess the show has been running quite a few years, I still remember her as a baby.


Dec. 30th, 2012 06:01 pm
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Just listening to some music and I remembered this lightbulb joke:

How many ska boys does it take to change a lightbulb?

... )
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The other day I made a joke about cheese smuggling (which Jasper Fforde uses as a side story in the Thursday Next books).

Then on the way home the next day I heard about this. Now it is a little disappointing that they were smuggling mozz. It could have at least been unpasteurized Stilton. But then again, the source was America, they're lucky it wasn't Velveeta.
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I saw the book title "An Algorithm Maiden" and thought, "I wonder if that's about Ada Lovelace?" Then looked again and realized it actually was "An Algonquin Maiden".

When we were playing the desert island game I picked Ada Lovelace as the famous person I'd be stranded with. Babbage referred to her as the "Enchantress of Numbers", which is more poetic.
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It's really funny, honest.

By: Adam Brodsky

I'm gonna cut my head off blues )
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A filk for those out shoveling today. The first bit of it popped into my head this morning before work, but I sat down and pounded it out this afternoon after getting the chains on the van.

Nor'easter )
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I don't often surf youtube, but I got these off a group I read and each delighted me in a different strange way:

8 arms and a camera

How to kill a washer

How to change a tire

New Jersey

Once in a Lifetime

Who do I find this so funny?
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*reads headline on CNN*

"Oprah gushes over Kate Winslet's breasts"

Please pass the brain bleach.
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I just took a big ol' sniff of a bag of paprika to see how fresh it smelled. Seconds later I realized that the bag was in fact, not paprika. Cayanne is a different animal altogether. The first sneeze was earthshaking. Now every mucous membrane in my head is in a tizzy of epic proportions. Perhaps I should go flush out my nasal passages with something more mellow like bear spray.

"fire in my heart
is burnin' out of control.
Fire, fire in my soul!" -- The Toasters

"Most of all, don't tell me that you love me,
forbidden fruit is not in the recipe for chutney." -- The Suspect "Chutney Song"

"I don't care to eat out in smart restaurants,
I'd rather do a vindaloo, takeaway is what I want." -- Jethro Tull "Tall Thin Girl"
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So do you remember that line?

My steampunk desk needs an upgrade. I'm thinking about a cable management system. Shiny lacquered copper pipes! I'll have to figure out a way to mount them, but that shouldn't be too hard because there are lots of plumbing hangers.

I really want to get rid of the plastic desk lamp, but that design is too complicated for my current talents. Or maybe not, if I disassemble the one I have to measure each part. Yes, maybe, just maybe... spring loaded speaker mounts on the same design. Very Wild, Wild, West.
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As I was lowering one of the window blinds I noticed a smartly dressed woman walking down the street toward her car. She had her keys in one hand, ready to unlock the door. In the other hand, she carried a shovel.

Yep, it's Maine.
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"In my blue heaven
there's a bottle of ponchetrain,
Chalmette by moonlight
to take away the pain."

Well, that's the Pogues so you have to make some allowances for cynicism.

In my blue heaven (in no particular order) there are certain people in generous portions, some other people in occasional portions because we live in different worlds, the occasional bottle of General John Stark's, a club that serves 'til 1am and spins until 3 or 4am, a multitude of Indian places, teleportation for world travel, lots of leather... bound editions (what else?!), a library bathed in silence, a place where I can turn up my stereo until my ears bleed without disturbing anyone, philosophy, silliness, a comfortable kitchen, a garden, a forest, a rocky beach, messy sex, and a neat home.

For [ profile] derien I might have to throw in an adorable goth boi, an infinite DVD collection, and a cadre of slash writers at beck and call. I'll grant her such indulgences because she's so yummy.

What's in your blue heaven?
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Bless this couple with a long and happy marriage.


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