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Finally managed to get this written:

vacation part 2 )
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Thursday: arrival, Covent Garden (somewhat), Foyles, exhaustion
Friday: The tower of London, meeting Kryptyd
Saturday: Bletchley Park, indian at Paddington, train to BOA, curry at BOA
Sunday: Tithe Barn, Farleigh Hungerford Castle, something like 9 miles
Monday: Portsmouth, HMS Warrior and HMS Victory
Tuesday: walk to Bath 9.9 miles, roman Baths and abbey, walk around Bath 2.2miles
Wednesday: bookstore, clotted cream shake, antique store
Thursday: Market day, teashop, Trowbridge, Sospan_fach & S.
Friday: tea shop, Sospan_fach & S, Cross Guns and cider
Saturday: train to Paddington, tube from Paddington to Heathrow, Heathrow to Logan, Logan to Portland, Portland to home, supper

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Well, I'm finally getting around to posting a triplog/hike description. If you want more pictures to go along with the descriptions, refer to my post from two years ago, there are some links there to pictures of the lower part of the climb.

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Our reputation as rain gods is preserved.
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Haven't been on here in forever. Moving and work have kept me insanely busy. Work is not relenting (weekends and ten hour days), but the moving and putting away is starting to wind down.

We are going away this week and I just looked at the forecast: sunny and in the 70's during the day! If the current forecast is any indication, Thursday will be our summit day. OMG! I need to stretch and I'm beyond the point of being able to exercise. Yesterday I ran heavy boxes down to the storage area and ran around the house a lot. Hopefully that counts for something.

In the meantime, the van so has to be cleaned. And I need to find the stuff to load in it.

Even if we don't make the summit, it'll be very nice to get away for a while. Must run, the van and packing need attention.

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Apr. 18th, 2009 03:22 pm
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Perhaps the neatest souvenir of our trip to England is the key to the cottage. There were 5 of us staying at the cottage and it only came with one key, so on the first day A went out and got keys made for each of us. The neat thing is, they are skeleton keys. So now we have bright shiny skeleton keys to keep as a remembrance. Pretty nifty.
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I've been terribly unfocused and lazy since we got back from the mountains. I have all kinds of half finished stuff scattered all over the house, I have a bunch of half cleaned rooms, and the closest you'll get to a travel post for our last two trips is the following picture of [livejournal.com profile] derien and the rain. Please note stream of water pouring off the tarp and the fire on the right margin fighting to survive. After being pounded in an hour and a half long downpour it sprung back up like John Barleycorn and so amazed us all.

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We're back from the beach. In short it was: sun (brief), rain, overcast, rain, overcast, rain, rain, overcast, rain, overcast, rain, rain, rain, rain, sun, sun. We got much reading done and a fare amount of sleeping. We saw lots of birds, some boats, some seals, some hail, and lots of raindrops. More on that later if I have the concentration.

After we got home yesterday we got the van mostly unloaded and crawled down the street to an excellent curry. I do like Portland.

Hint for those of little brain: If you haven't worn flip flops in a dozen years, do not walk three miles in such footwear in one go. (My arches are completely decimated.)
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Oh, my, I haven't posted in a dog's age. Well, been busy. For now, I will regale you with a summary of the recent adventure in the mountains and sunshine.

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Oh, the lilacs are blooming in some places and starting to bloom in others.
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We are leaving on vacation at an ungodly early hour tomorrow morning. We'll be back next weekend, hopefully rested and healthy. Don't cause too much trouble while we're gone.
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The short version:

Despite less than ideal weather, an unfamiliar climb and being completely out of shape we made a good show of almost reaching the highest point in Maine. The Hunt Trail is 5.4 miles long and about 4200 vertical feet elevation gain. We made it about 4.9 miles and less than 500 vertical feet from the summit before turning back. At one point we actually stopped and downclimbed a bit because the weather was causing us concern. If we hadn't had that delay we might have made the summit, or maybe not, we pushed ourselves to our limits with this one so early in the season.

Long version: )

Pictures (I decided not to inline them because they are very large the post was long enough already):

The beginning of the boulder field below the Iron Ladder

A progression of pictures to show the scale of the boulder field. First pic is [livejournal.com profile] derien in some boulders, see if you can find where the first picture was taken in the second picture. The third and final pictures give you closeups.
Derien in boulder field, first in progression
Looking up at the boulder field, second in progression
Close up highlighted, boulder field, third in progression
Close up, boulder field, final in progression The arrow marks the camera position.

Tableland in the cloud.

The view west from above the Iron Ladder

A hardy little bird above treeline
One of the many butterflies
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See you in a week. I may check in between now and then via the wonder of this here Internet thing, but I wouldn't count on it.
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I survived work today, just barely. I can feel my blood pressure dropping and my muscles relaxing. I'm listening to sun and sea music and I've got a rum drink. Life is getting better fast. We fly south tomorrow morning at 6am. Feel free to be envious for the next seven days.


Jun. 17th, 2006 07:40 am
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It has been a very, very busy couple of weeks. We've been just slammed at work, this week even to the point of overtime. At home things have been busy as well between bug treatments, the everyday, and things we really intended to have done before now. Overall, I've been energetic until I collapse into bed.

But now the van is all packed and loaded. The house is a clean disarray of garbage bags. The final stressor before vacation is simply getting the van down to the intended beach. That will either happen easily or not. We are starting out quite early, with any luck we'll be sitting around waiting for check in time and not sitting by the side of the road somewhere in between. I keep telling myself only three more trips with the van in its current state (one down, one back, and one to get the engine swapped out).

We've got lots of things we want to do while we're on vacation. The operative words are want to. We are looking forward to all of them! And if we decided that we don't want to do them, we won't do them. Aren't vacations just a wonderful thing. :)

Have a good week LJ world.
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It's too bloody early! But we're ready to head out for the airport. Hope you all have a good weekend.

I have had several posts floating around in my head recently, but they haven't made it to the keyboard yet. Perhaps someday I'll get to writing about body types, the smell of lilacs, and the mundane things that have been happening in life.


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