Jul. 18th, 2017 07:57 pm
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9. Asimov's Science Fiction Jul/Aug 2017
10. China Mieville Perdido Street Station
11. Robin Sloan Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore


Jul. 3rd, 2017 07:00 am
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7.  Peter Ackroyd The Life of Thomas More
8.  Terry Pratchett Small Gods (re-read)


May. 29th, 2017 07:38 pm
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Well, I swear I posted about books I'd read earlier this year, but there aren't any posts.  Now I don't stand a chance of remembering everything.  So in no particular order:

1.  Kerstin Ekman The Forest of Hours
2.  Asimov's Mar/Apr 2017
3.  Asimov's May/Jun 2017
4.  Asimov's Jan/Feb 2017
5.  Eva A. Speare ed, New Hampshire Fold Tales
6.  Robert Hoskins ed, "The Stars Around Us"

I swear I've read more, but then again the Ekman was a slog and I haven't really had any time to read.


Dec. 21st, 2016 11:12 am
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32.  F. Scott Fitzgerald Flappers and Philosophers


Dec. 18th, 2016 04:58 pm
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30. Asimov's Science Fiction December 2016
31. Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book


Dec. 18th, 2016 04:56 pm
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28.The Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction Masterpieces
29. David McCaulay Motel of the Mysteries


Nov. 12th, 2016 03:16 pm
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 27.  Asimov's Science Fiction Oct/Nov 2016


Sep. 4th, 2016 07:05 pm
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22. Isaac Asimov <i>The End of Eternity</i>
23. Asimov's Science Fiction August 2016
24. Robert B. Parker <i>Hush Money</i>
25. Asimov's Science Fiction September 2016
26. Madeleine L'Engle <i>The Time Quartet: A Wrinkle In Time, A Wind In The Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters</i>


Jul. 9th, 2016 05:52 pm
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 21. Susanna Clark Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell


Jul. 5th, 2016 09:15 pm
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In no particular order because I can't remember the order:

6. Joel Chandler Harris Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
7. Henry D. Thoreau Cape Code
8. Asimov's Science Fiction March 2016
9. Asimov's Science Fiction April/May 2016
10. Asimov's Science Fiction June 2016
11. Asimov's Science Fiction July 2016
12. Constance Noyes Robertson Oneida Community The Breakup, 1876-1881
13. Ray Bradbury Green Shadows, White Whale
14. Terry Pratchett The Shepherd's Crown
15. Christopher Moore Secondhand Souls
16. Rudyard Kipling The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories
17. Jack London Call of the Wild
18. Mark Twain Christian Science
19. Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers
20. Herman Melville Moby Dick

I think that may be all of them, or I could have forgotten some.


Jan. 24th, 2016 06:33 pm
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Off to a busy start in the reading department this year.

1. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Frankenstein
2. A.P. Chekhov The Chorus Girl and Other Stories
3. Asimov's January 2016
4. Asimov's February 2016
5. Erica L. Bartlett Winning the Losing Battle


Dec. 27th, 2015 09:05 pm
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33. P. G. Wodehouse Jill The Reckless
34. Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, re-read
35. G. K. Chesterton Eugenics and Other Evils
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30. Asimov's December 2015
31. Samuel R. Delany "Distant Stars" (can't remember if I've ever read this one before or not, but if so it's been many moons)
32. Jonathan Swift "A Modest Proposal" (re-read from ages ago)


Oct. 10th, 2015 07:54 pm
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27. Asimov's October/November 2015
28. Richard Adamns Watership Down Had never read it before and actually really enjoyed it.
29. Ernest Cline Ready Player One Not very well written, but will fill any 80's nostalgia deficiency you're feeling. Billed as a dystopian novel, too many people live happily ever after. Some major plot holes.


Aug. 21st, 2015 06:26 pm
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24. Asimov's September 2015 (the You Can't Always Get What You Want edition)
25. Ben Bova The Story Of Light
26. Mark Twain A Double Barrelled Detective Story
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The other day I looked out the kitchen window and saw a bird which, to me, resembled George C. Scott playing Scrooge. It was the mutton chops and the large down pointing beak. Face on this bird

really does look like Scott. I couldn't find a good shot head on, but you might be able to picture the white swath running down from the beak as mutton chops.

My brain is strange.

The bird is a juvenile Rose Breasted Grossbeak.


Jul. 21st, 2015 08:35 pm
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22. Mark Twain A Dog's Tale AHHH, do not read! I read this because I wanted something short and light. It is short.
23. P.G. Wodehouse The Girl On The Boat


Jul. 19th, 2015 04:27 pm
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Wonder if this explains why I've been having a hard time maintaining my usual summer energy level:

NameValueReference Range

This could make for a fun time.


Jul. 19th, 2015 01:22 pm
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19. Terry Pratchett Raising Steam This wasn't up to Terry standards. I felt some of the characters wandered quite far from their character and the writing wasn't there. I agree with Rhianna's decision and feel that the best way to honor her father's work is to re-read the prime stuff.
20. Iain Sproat Wodehouse at War Interesting and quiet readable for something that is basically a history book of a very tiny slice of history. Sad that it happened at all.
21. Marilyn Duckworth Pulling Faces Got this through a "random giving". Tries too hard to be art. Written in '87 as near future (1999). At first it was only fun to make fun of the writing, then in the middle I was just waiting to see if anything happened. At the end it did, but an end that could only be loved by a nihilist.


Jul. 11th, 2015 06:52 pm
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Hike Katahdin Mountain on June 18th and was blessed with ideal weather. Overcast on the way up so it was a bit cooler climbing then clearing for the descent. Left Roaring Brook Campground at 5:05AM, took Chimney Pond Trail to Cathedral Trail to Baxter Peak, then across the Knife Edge to Pamola Peak, then down Helon-Taylor Trail. Reached Baxter Cutoff at 9:30AM, Baxter Peak at 9:55AM, Pamola Peak at 11:10AM and the campground again at 2:05PM. I felt better after this hike than any other ascent of Katahdin I've done, no major problems the next day, although I don't think I could have climbed another mountain. 9.3 miles and about 3,700ft of elevation, 9 hours.

No pictures of the peaks because I did the high stuff solo and didn't think to take a camera with me.

Now I've only got three trails on the main part of the mountain I haven't climbed: Abol, Dudley, and Saddle. Abol is closed at present due to a rockslide wiping out the trail. I'm thinking next year I may do Dudley and if the weather is perfect combine it with Saddle. We'll see how I feel.


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