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Hike Katahdin Mountain on June 18th and was blessed with ideal weather. Overcast on the way up so it was a bit cooler climbing then clearing for the descent. Left Roaring Brook Campground at 5:05AM, took Chimney Pond Trail to Cathedral Trail to Baxter Peak, then across the Knife Edge to Pamola Peak, then down Helon-Taylor Trail. Reached Baxter Cutoff at 9:30AM, Baxter Peak at 9:55AM, Pamola Peak at 11:10AM and the campground again at 2:05PM. I felt better after this hike than any other ascent of Katahdin I've done, no major problems the next day, although I don't think I could have climbed another mountain. 9.3 miles and about 3,700ft of elevation, 9 hours.

No pictures of the peaks because I did the high stuff solo and didn't think to take a camera with me.

Now I've only got three trails on the main part of the mountain I haven't climbed: Abol, Dudley, and Saddle. Abol is closed at present due to a rockslide wiping out the trail. I'm thinking next year I may do Dudley and if the weather is perfect combine it with Saddle. We'll see how I feel.
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Well, I'm finally getting around to posting a triplog/hike description. If you want more pictures to go along with the descriptions, refer to my post from two years ago, there are some links there to pictures of the lower part of the climb.

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Our reputation as rain gods is preserved.
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This is the tale of our second attempt to summit Mount Katahdin, by far the greatest of the Maine mountains.

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I haven't provided you with any filks in a very long time. Well, the inspiration for this one bubbled up while walking along the trail last weekend. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

To the tune of Roger Miller's "King of the Road":

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Oh, my, I haven't posted in a dog's age. Well, been busy. For now, I will regale you with a summary of the recent adventure in the mountains and sunshine.

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Oh, the lilacs are blooming in some places and starting to bloom in others.
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We got a late start on Friday morning and weren't in the best of moods due to the vagaries of weather and refrigeration.

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Approximately 7.8 miles travelled and 2300 feet of vertical gain.

I really liked the shoes I was wearing, which are light hiking sneaker type things. I also liked the smaller camelbak pack, so two successful changes of equipment in one hike! It might have been nicer to have a day with less moisture (in the air, on the leaves, and falling from the sky), but then the trails would have been more crowded, so it wasn't a bad trade-off.
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The short version:

Despite less than ideal weather, an unfamiliar climb and being completely out of shape we made a good show of almost reaching the highest point in Maine. The Hunt Trail is 5.4 miles long and about 4200 vertical feet elevation gain. We made it about 4.9 miles and less than 500 vertical feet from the summit before turning back. At one point we actually stopped and downclimbed a bit because the weather was causing us concern. If we hadn't had that delay we might have made the summit, or maybe not, we pushed ourselves to our limits with this one so early in the season.

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Pictures (I decided not to inline them because they are very large the post was long enough already):

The beginning of the boulder field below the Iron Ladder

A progression of pictures to show the scale of the boulder field. First pic is [livejournal.com profile] derien in some boulders, see if you can find where the first picture was taken in the second picture. The third and final pictures give you closeups.
Derien in boulder field, first in progression
Looking up at the boulder field, second in progression
Close up highlighted, boulder field, third in progression
Close up, boulder field, final in progression The arrow marks the camera position.

Tableland in the cloud.

The view west from above the Iron Ladder

A hardy little bird above treeline
One of the many butterflies


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