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I saw the book title "An Algorithm Maiden" and thought, "I wonder if that's about Ada Lovelace?" Then looked again and realized it actually was "An Algonquin Maiden".

When we were playing the desert island game I picked Ada Lovelace as the famous person I'd be stranded with. Babbage referred to her as the "Enchantress of Numbers", which is more poetic.
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I've been very busy this week, but have managed to absolutely geek out a couple of times. As I occasionally do, I got to thinking about a geeky project this week. It was something to do while I was failing to fall asleep but unable to stay awake. Anyway, my project is genealogical in nature and deals with dates of various flavors. While doing some searching for date algorithms I found a page on Doomsday calculations. It's not about the end of the world, but it's neat number games with days of the week. I heart John Horton Conway.

I then did some further searching and found the Julian Day Number calculations. This was exactly the thing I was looking for and in my opinion an elegant solution to the whole timekeeping problem in general.

Let me tell ya, I was geeking out hardcore. I sounded like Beaker on speed.
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My birthday present came today: a new clicky keyboard. I don't for a minute believe it will solve all my repetitive motion wrist problems, but it might provide some relief from the spongy keyboard I have to use all day at work. Plus, my desk has never looked more cool. Now I just have to train myself to sit offset in reference to the desk so that I'm directly in front of the keyboard. The feel is much softer than I expected and I think I'll be able to type with a lot less force once I get used to it. It might end up being quieter than the membrane keyboard because sometimes I really pound that one.
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Confessions of a hopeless geek time. I am reading Bruce Schneier's "Practical Cryptography". For fun.

Keep in mind, Bruce is the hands down best technical writer I have ever encountered. His style is very readable. He can clearly and concisely explain his subject matter. He could be writing novels but instead he's co-authoring world class encryption schemes. Admitted, some of the math bits go well over my head ([livejournal.com profile] tronella might get them, but they are out of my league). It's interesting anyway; brain food.

If you even a passing interest in the field or are just curious, I encourage you to pick up "Practical Cryptography" or Bruce's near legendary work "Applied Cryptography", now in its second edition. It's for geeks what mainlining heroin is for junkies.

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Nov. 4th, 2006 09:39 pm
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The last couple of days have been coding days. )
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The last couple of nights I've been working on my home mp3 player. )
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Tonight I finished the programming on my little coding obsession. It now takes a GEDCOM file and makes an ebook at the click of a button. The result has lots of links and nice empty spaces to show you what info you haven't filled in yet. I'm happy with the results. Now if I get my mom's GEDCOM file, which contains all of my and her research for the last 20+ years, I'll be able to effectively haunt graveyards and town halls. I'm sure once I have more data I'll be making small improvements in the program.

Now to get back to the other things of living.
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Yesterday I got the idea for a program to convert from GEDCOM, the standard genealogical file format, and the standardized HTML required for the ebook. There are a few programs out there to make HTML from GEDCOM, but for the most part they were for a Microsloth environment or would require a lot of rework to make what I want. At first wasn't inspired to actually do it. I felt I wasn't in the mood for lots of fiddly little work. But I was bored, so I started.

Five hours later I got up and went to bed. I didn't want to go to bed, but it was notably past bedtime and I was at a good stopping point. I hadn't gotten up except to go to the bathroom the whole time. I hadn't said two words to [livejournal.com profile] derien, who most likely realized it was useless to try and talk to me anyway. I was happier than a kitten with a ball of yarn.

The program is progressing well. I'll probably stay up tonight until I finish it.
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My fridge contains Lithium Ion batteries, my freezer has vodka, I spell user /usr, a black screen with green letters makes me feel at home and comfortable, I have more books on one bookshelf than channels on my TV, I have no patience for posers and carpetbaggers.

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Today I disassembled the little (mostly) busted mp3 player I got off ebay. Incredible. Whoever designed that puppy was clever to the nth degree. The single platter hard drive is so tiny and the battery is about the same size and even less weight. I'm going to mod it by putting in a higher capacity battery and a 50% larger hard drive.


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