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Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:34 pm
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I have noticed Marian McPartland's recent absence from Piano Jazz. She has been hosting the show for 30 years and she didn't start until she had already had a full career, so it's not exactly a surprise she would like to have some time off now and then.

Marian combines great abilities as musician and interviewer. She makes her appreciation for her guest clear and shows admiration without sending it over into worship. Her long musical career allows her to refer to other performers who both she and her guest have performed with or venues where they both worked. For younger performers, she often talks with them about their mentors, who she worked with and they followed. Marian has a wonderful way of downplaying her abilities in the interview and complementing her guest. But her abilities as an improv musician become clear as she plays with guests of all sorts of styles from all sorts of eras.

I hope this absence indicates Marian is taking a well deserved rest and enjoying some things outside the studio for a while. She is a woman of admirable talent who can teach us all a lot more than jazz. She's got class and style.
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This isn't very coherent, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

Yesterday we went to Cambridge to meet up with LJ people! We met up with [ profile] bravecows,[ profile] shati,[ profile] genarti,[ profile] sandrylene,[ profile] bookelfe,[ profile] foreverdirt, and [ profile] schiarire. I didn't get much chance to talk to anyone in particular due to the natural chaos of a nine way conversation, but everyone was nice, friendly, and humorous and I would recommend interacting with them if you get a chance. I don't know if I'd get the same recommendation from any of them, I felt like the thorn among roses. I wish we could have stayed for dinner with them, but that would have been killer both on the drive home and work this morning.

Things [ profile] derien and I did earlier in the day:

We had lunch at the Gandhi restaurant on Mass Ave just past central square. We'd never been there before. We both had the buffet and found the selections very tasty. Most notably, their tandoor chicken was full of flavor and moist, not dry and tasteless like much of the tandoor chicken you find.

Acquired spices at the Shalimar grocery on Mass Ave.

We went to the used bookstore on Mass Ave., just beyond central square. Is it Robert's or Richard's? Something like that. We also went to the Harvard Book Store (twice). Our collection from both shops:

Our collection from both shops: )

We also stopped in "In Your Ear!" a second hand music shop that has been in different locations in the city for decades. The CD's that we were browsing were either $1 or $5.

The list )
Some of them are bound to be dogs, but what the hell we can always try to sell them up here.

We got home just about in time to crash and start the week of labor.
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Well, it's the way January should be anyway, cold with icy bits on the sidewalks.

Tonight we went out to dinner with [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl. I almost didn't notice the food, which was quite wonderful, because I was caught up in the conversation. I think [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl are who [ profile] derien and I would be if we were more socially adept, polite, and better looking. Okay, we'd probably have to be smarter too, but that one I could live without, I work in a warehouse.
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Yesterday we drove down to Amherst, MA to visit [ profile] matushan, who's there for a little while for work. It was a fairly long, but pleasant, drive down with rain starting just as we entered Amherst. It was nice to see [ profile] matushan and Amherst. We also got to meet [ profile] matushan's daughter, who is the single most charming kid I've ever met. Despite the fact that she was feeling under the weather she was full of smiles and happiness. She even liked me, which shows she'll get along with anyone. All indications are that she'll take after her mum: sweet, lively, and very intelligent.

Oh, the icon isn't exactly on topic, but it's one I just made for Maine (or more generally New England). It's a shot I took of the Portland Headlight.


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