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I slept somewhat better last night and feel much improved today. The fever and accompanying aches have abated. I'm hoping the sinus will get back to normal today and it won't turn into a linger cough thing. Brain is up to syrup grade, much improved from taffy, and doing things that involve moving doesn't immediately wipe me out. I'm very happy with the improvement.

Strange dream last night about being in a ferry terminal that was as large and endlessly confusing as an airport terminal. It had all kinds of platforms/floats separated by icy cold water (still in Maine apparently). On one side a group was actually running a cold water rescue exercise. At one point I realized that the platform I had stepped onto wasn't a platform, but some kind of 3 float barge that was moving around the the harbor. Fortunately, it came close enough to another occupied part of the terminal that I was able to get back off the bloody thing before it headed out to sea or some such. This could be all very deep a Freudian and I could go into all kinds of explanations about the symbolism, but what it really means is my head was cold and I couldn't be bothered to wake up enough to make it passably warm again.
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Cut for moaning  )

Today I'm walking around with my thick bathrobe on. Also, wool socks, bluejeans, underwear, t-shirt, and a hat. I've spent most of the day sitting in the sleeping bag with the heated sock full of rice. For the most part I still can't get warm. Even bubbling hot and sour soup in a bowl too hot to hold only brought me up to the "been dead a day" temperature. Sinuses still in full swing, cough diminished but still threatening, body aches humming along like a gang of thugs who have sticks and love them.

It's very frustrating because I have ambition, but I can't do anything physical because of ache and fatigue and can't do anything mental because my brain is only capable of vaguely wandering 'round in circles. It's like thinking with neurons of taffy. A three day weekend and I can't do and can't think, arrrggggg!
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No, I'm not dead. After returning from vacation I was hit by a whopping case of gout which made reclining the only semi-comfortable position. Reading and sleeping were the orders of the day. I did them in profusion with a smattering of moaning and complaining thrown in just for flavour. I'm feeling much better now and I'm able to sit at the computer for short periods, though I won't be running any marathons yet. Sorry I haven't been able to interact. I'll attempt to spam your flist today and get caught up.

*points to music* I wish I could dance, this makes me want to flail like Kermit. YAAAAYYYYYYY!
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... some days you're the crow.

I looked out the front window this afternoon and was surprised to see a hawk having lunch on a branch outside the window. It appears that a crow was in attendance too, but the crow was not enjoying the meal.

Sickness still sucks. No news, no brain.


Feb. 20th, 2008 07:01 pm
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I got it. 101.8 fever.
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I think I'm finally starting to get better. For the last few days all I've done is sleep, sleep, and sleep. I've been so wiped out by this cold that I haven't even been reading. Today I managed to stay conscious most of the day, which is a notable change. During this strange fit of consciousness I got some housework done.


Nov. 18th, 2006 02:04 pm
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My throat is resplendent with blotches of red and white, like a great neon sign flashing VIRUS. Come on immune system, kick in, I'm bribing you with plenty of rest and vitamins. Help me out here.


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